KYMCO Downtown 350i

KYMCO Downtown 350i

DownTown 350i published the same day in Taiwan, KYMCO also offers the media free test ride vehicles, only a start, feel the difference with the existing KYMCO 300CC immediately. Very smooth accelerated, RPM speed climbing is actually quite fast, whether it is still accelerating, decelerating or traveling between the re-acceleration, speed of reaction are quite brisk, speed climbing Pobai directly, without dragging its feet in water. This part also received in response to the factory workers, DownTown 350i in the transmission part of modified to improve brisk reaction is accelerated as the goal.

But after test driving  moderators operation while, at the start is the drive slip occurs, the result of the inquiry is that the factory workers, the new clutch plate solves the case in the past start to slip, but with the temperature rises, the friction coefficient of variation greater disadvantage.

Although the maximum angle has been increased to 39 degrees, but with sports performance, it can only be said to be barely passed, the chance to wear the column is still very large, but according to the positioning KYMCO's, it has always been run trip car concept, under practical to maintain a certain level of movement.

Overall, DownTown 350i, can fully feel the evolution KYMCO vehicles, high-capacity carriages, light sense of acceleration, more horsepower, excellent braking power, flexible steering, more importantly, is quite approachable double feet touch the ground resistance, let DownTown 350i more in line with the "Tour" across to the "run" of cross-border style.

The new water-cooled 320cc single-cylinder 4 Valve engine to provide maximum horsepower 30ps output, and more intensive than the older models low rpm power output, you can have more than 14ps at 4000rpm horsepower. Engine start system is also redesigned at startup can automatically reduce cylinder pressure, better start. And the use of energy both lightweight, strength and balance low vibration design.

Brake suspension
After high rigidity frame vibration analysis to determine the chassis performance to meet a variety of road conditions desired strength requirements, improve stability. DownTown 350i under Nouveau exterior, the largest body of up to 39 degrees inclination, to provide sufficient cornering knight sport. Front suspension fork being configured using 37mm, rear suspension design adopted guns and a preload adjustable five paragraphs. Use front brake calipers with 260mm side three-piston Float spray disc, twin-piston calipers for the rear brake with 240mm fixed disc, and equipped with BOSCH ABS 9.1M system to provide adequate security.