KYMCO K50 Concept

KYMCO K50 Concept

Although this k50 in 2014 Milan Motor Show revealed through the frame and engine
But after two years, how much will it evolved?
The Thrills of Touring (travel pleasure) as the main propaganda slogans
Presumably a combination of sports and long distance of comfort from two elements.

Features Description

This k50 designed from the beginningis order to satisfy both power, handling and comfort of the three parallel direction.
A very low center of gravity, seat height is reduced

Engine is directly locked in the center of the frame, a position very close to Rider
It lets focus on the entire vehicle weight, improve maneuverability

K50 Concept will adopt a new design of a water-cooled DOHC parallel twin cylinder engine with 4 Valve.
With variable valve and programmable ECU deployment,, the Rider riding available in two models

Space under the seat can be fitted two helmetets, a full face helmet, a half jet helmet.

The redesigned engine and frame
K50 can reach the front and rear weight 50:50 in perfect balance

Meter with full LCD manner
The left side of the engine speed, the right side of the vehicle speed
Central is a multifunction meter.



On the left front disc,There are have wheel speed sensors grating, suggesting that K50 Concept should be equipped with ABS system

Although the official claimed, under the seat cushion can put two helmets
However, according to our actual visual, probably a full face helmet and a half jet helmet.

Engine parts, using KYMCO((Gwangyang))newly designed water-cooled four-stroke parallel twin DOHC engine
Engine displacement currently unknown, but is determined more than 551cc Engine displacement

K50 Concept of the distance between the transmission system and the opening and closing the disc tray Plymouth shortened
In addition let weight to centralized , the belt vibration can be reduced

K50 Concept on the engine has a dual balance shafts
Clutch use Wet multi- version of the design.
It can resolve clutch slipping cause jitter problems, And can withstand more horsepower output..

There are two camshafts camshaft, but only three cam
Which is equipped with a variable valve mechanism.
When the engine is low speed, the intake valve open only one to achieve high torque performance and fuel economy
When the engine is high-speed, two intake valves fully open, in order to play the maximum engine horsepower

From this photo,
We can note two cylinder piston height slightly different, the big end of the crank shaft position is different.
This parallel twin-cylinder engine configuration is the use of 270-degree angle of unequal interval ignition design.((TMAX 530 is 360 degree angle))

Let us look forward to release the production model
Article Source:Jorsindo Motor Club